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Me And My Fat Neck

by Danie on December 4, 2012

I’ll be kicking off the new year with a nip-and-tuck for my fat neck.

Just kidding.

It’s actually a thyroidectomy.

This thyroid-thing has been the focus of my existence since it came out of nowhere back in June.  During my regular annual check-up, my OB/GYN thought my thyroid looked enlarged.  She ran some blood tests and said that if the blood work came back normal, I should have an ultrasound scheduled.

The blood work came back normal (except for a severe vitamin D deficiency) and I went to my General Practitioner (GP) to have him order an ultrasound for me.  He said, “Obese patients often have a fat deposit in that area of the neck so it’s probably nothing but I’ll order the ultrasound since that’s what your OB/GYN wants.”

And then I mentally cursed him out and fired his ass.  Obese?  Fair enough.  ”Probably nothing” because he couldn’t see anything past my weight and fat neck?  Those be fighting words.

The ultra sound revealed a small cyst (no big deal) and a 2 cm solid nodule.  I have since had two ultrasound-guided biopsies (Fine Needle Aspirations FNA) with inconclusive results.

Biopsy 1 (June) and Biopsy 2 (November)

The second biopsy revealed a 15% possibility for follicular cancer, which can metastasize to the lymph nodes and blood.  I just want it out and I’m quite happy with that being the ENT surgeon’s recommendation.  He’ll start with a lobectomy and, if need be, a total thyroidectomy–he won’t know which until he gets in there and I won’t know which until I wake up.

In the meantime, I am concentrating on our upcoming trip to Hawaii and celebrating the New Year with friends and family.  As Lise says–it’s going to be a New Year’s Eve piss fest.  Right on.

So that’s what’s been happening in my neck of the woods (yuk yuk yuk).


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